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Benefits of Insight Communities

research-bannerAn insight community is created and maintained to conduct ‘all the time’ market research. Once the community is in place, market research is conducted using a mix of Social Media and Research Techniques to  bring brands closer to their customers, prospects and stakeholders, both internally and externally.

The iReach Research Community is built and support the full use of Quantitative, Qualitative or a blend of both methods, which we call QualiQuant. Using rich media we create engaging studies with interactive tools to obtain feedback from participants for each research conversation. Panellists can be offered points as rewards for participation in conversations and more formal research studies and well as points for contributions and voting on others’ ideas.

Why iReach Communities?

people-have-questionsiReach Market Research recruit and build the Branded Research panel for our clients using the most cost effective ways to maximise value from iReach Community Research Platform. We provide Community Management services to ensure active participation of members that will deliver robust research results. iReach can also provide resources and analyst expertise to support the research process and provide the required skills in questionnaire design, survey execution and research reporting as well as analyst support for more general queries.

Costs are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client and aligned on usage levels ensuring value for money.

iReach Conversations – Our own Research Community

ireachConversationsNewWe have built our own panel management and research platform now exceeding 30,000 members with support our full range of market research activities in Ireland and UK. No one else has this blend of market research expertise with technology innovation to deliver Research Communities and actionable Research Insights.

 iReach Conversations is web based and can be branded to the unique templates or requirements of each client.

Full support for rich media including Video, TV, Radio and numerous graphics formats including ‘high res’ images.

iReach Community Management

FreeGreatPicture.com-28549-high-resolution-mosaic-of-commerce-figures   Dedicated Community Manager – Access to Research Analysts (as needed) – Pay as you go to fully outsourced cost models    





iReach Community Insights

  Pre-configured Reporting – Discussion Forum Text Search – Shared Folders – Rich Media Support – iReach Analyst Reporting






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